These virtual team building activities have the strength to make teams that are not close to each other feel as close as they would if they were working in the same space. These are true especially if you want to leverage vision, purpose, and enthusiasm to plan a pleasing virtual team building activity.

Remote Team Icebreaker Activities 

These icebreakers for teams remotely are activities that you could start at the beginning of a virtual meeting, which would help you and your co-workers create connections that would touch them personally. These virtual icebreakers are necessary, because these meetings could begin awkwardly or could be stiff. You could try the following icebreakers to get rid of that awkwardness, and then you can conduct meetings that would be effective.

List of Leadership Games and Activities for a Zoom Meeting 

  1. Thorn/Rose Virtual Icebreaker

This icebreaker works very well especially through recognition and culture platforms like assembly. It takes about a minute per Zoom member. 

To do this, you can start the meeting by having every Zoom member share their rose. A “rose” is something that makes them feel gratitude or happiness. Then they share their thorn. This is like a challenge or a problem they are facing or struggling with. They could be work-related or not related to work.

Work-related Example for the Rose and Thorn Game

Rose: I got an event partner to give me a refund today. 

Thorn: A different event partner wouldn’t give me a refund. 

Non-work-related Example for the Rose and Thorn Game

Rose: I got some time to take a walk today. 

Thorn: There wasn’t any time to walk today. 

This is great especially if you work with enterprises that now have their entire teams working in different places. So you can do a general stand-up call and play Rose and Thorn. It helps your virtual meeting more than you can understand. 

  1. Virtual Critical Thinking Icebreaker 

This pairs very well with the Virtual Clue Murder Mystery game that’s from Outback Virtual Team Building. It takes two minutes per Zoom member. To play this, you can just start your meeting by posting a question from Udemy, like “If you were the only one in a room without light, you had just a single stick of matches, and you were to pick between a fireplace, a lamp, and a candle, which would turn on first?” 

Everyone has 30 seconds to select an answer. Then you give everyone time to explain their answer. Let everyone discuss why they selected what they chose. 

  1. Virtual Snapshot Icebreaker 

It takes about five minutes to play. For this icebreaker, you tell everyone to use their phones to snap something. These things could be wonderful things like photos of their kids, pets, desk, outfit, or something else around or available. 

Now you know how to have fun with your workers or employees, even through the pandemic.