The holidays are for relaxation and comfort—a time to stay with family and have a beautiful time. You should be trying to reduce the amount of stress you give yourself during this period. The effects of stress can be damaging, both to your mental state and your body. What better way to ruin your holiday than to have a stress-filled one?

In this article, I’m going to show you some simple techniques on how to relieve stress during the holiday so that you can stay as happy and free-spirited as you want. Just follow diligently.

1. Take breaks

After going through a lot of work during the day, the night is the first and most crucial break that you get. Don’t waste it on work. I know you have to make some money to make the holiday more enjoyable, but if you’re not in the right mental state, it’ll be much worse.

2. Practice mindfulness

When you wake up in the morning, calm your nerves first. Don’t jump right out of bed to start your daily chores. Put on some calm music. Listen diligently to your heart, environment, your thoughts. Close your eyes if preferred, and just be aware of yourself and your environment.

3. Exercise yourself

I love to call exercising “The Healthy Kind of Stress.” Exercising your body in the morning should come only after practicing mindfulness. If you are not interested in all the rigorous workouts, you can just practice yoga in the morning to stretch and strengthen your muscles, bones, and joints.

4. Go for a healthy diet

Don’t spend your holidays feasting on snacks. Eat as much healthy real meals as possible. Include fruits and vegetables in your meals, go for a balanced diet, and you’ll be pumping back to your feet in no time. Take some essential oils to help calm your mental state down. Nothing beats that.

5. Plan and prepare

The primary cause of stress during holidays and even other times is a lack of planning and preparedness. Having all your daily activities jumbled up in your head can be confusing and lead to stress.

To make things a lot easier for you, you can decide to write down everything you want to do during the day, week, or month on a paper (in checkbox form). When you complete a task, mark it and move to the next one; have everything written in terms of their priority.

When you do this, you’ll realize that there really isn’t so much to do when it’s written down, compared to when you only have them in your head.

6. Be content and generous

Whatever you do and whatever you have, ensure that you’re happy about it. Nothing kills your joy more than a lack of contentment. It can stress you more than the most challenging job on earth.

Also, being generous means that you can have people around who will help you with some of the things that bother you—people that you can talk to and share your experiences with. You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to do this.

Plant Therapy products may also be a good stress-relieving addition to your life this holiday season. Most importantly, stay safe.