Growth is important in every facet of life. Growth signifies progress and the ability to persevere however, it can be tough to access opportunities that allow growth. Some of these opportunities can be accessed through hard work, persistence, and who you know. If you’re struggling with growing in your career or unaware of how to grow in your career, this article is just for you. We’ll be sharing 9 tips that will assist in you getting more opportunities in your career.

  1. Accept Constructive Criticism – Constructive criticism is vital for improvement and growth. If you struggle to accept critique then you must learn how to. It is important to remember that a critique of your work is not a critique of your character, it is simply an opportunity to improve. Learn to distinguish negativity from constructive criticism. Some words of critique are simply nefarious, unnecessary, and born from jealousy however some are genuine and focused on your growth.
  1. Find a Mentor – If you’re serious about getting more opportunities in your career  then you should have a mentor. Having a mentor can also save you the hassle of searching for constructive criticism from others, instead, you’ll simply get it from your mentor. Your mentor should be someone in your industry who is currently doing or working on what you would like to pursue. Your mentor, in most cases, should not be your colleague. It should be someone who can guide you through paths that are foreign to you.
  1. Spend Time Learning About Your Career  – To grow in your career you must understand it deeply. Learn about your industry, read books, watch documentaries, and search for information that will help you understand your career so that you will be well informed on how to succeed in your career.
  1. Prioritize Your Mental Health – Your mental health is the backbone of your productivity. Poor mental health equals lower levels of productivity. Exercise regularly and ensure you’re nourishing your body with the right foods. Supplements can also be beneficial to your mental health. Terry Naturally’s Saffron Lift + Curcumin is vegan and non-GMO. These supplements support positive moods, healthy sleeping schedules, and support serotonin levels. You can purchase them here and if you’re interested in Terry Naturally you can read more about them here.
  1. Networking and Putting Yourself Out there – Start networking at parties, on social media, and advertising your services via the internet.
  1. Visit Human Resources – If you work in a traditional company then consider visiting human resources to discuss how you can grow and improve in the company you work in.
  1. Hone your talents and skills – If you’re set on career growth you’ll need to put in extra work outside your traditional working hours. Consider contract jobs and freelancing as ways to get extra income and improve your craft.
  1. Have Time-specific Goals – It is important to have time-specific goals. Give yourself realistic deadlines to achieve certain things. Your goal can be “Reach out to a certain person on LinkedIn by Tuesday” instead of “Reach out to a certain person on LinkedIn soon.”
  1. Believe In Yourself Always – This might sound cliche but you must believe in yourself. Believe that you’re worthy of career growth, you’re worthy of that promotion because you worked for it, and you deserve it.