During the coronavirus pandemic, everyone figured out a way to do their jobs from home. It is more comfortable for some people but not so much so for others. Working from home means that you have to combine the stress at home with the stress at work together at the same time. Having something to unleash all the stress and relieve yourself on will always come in handy.

In this article, I will show you some of the best home office stress balls that will keep your stress levels in check. Some of them aren’t plain little balls but are cartoon themed to keep your mind focused on cuteness. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Stress Less Stress Balls

These ones are handy and easy to grab. They’re completely spherical and will fit into anybody’s hands. If you’re looking for a good holiday present to give to a loved one that works from home, then this is a great idea. It costs only $13 on Amazon.

2. Friendly Swede Stress Balls

These ones are shaped like chicken eggs; they are pretty much the size too. The best part of these balls is that they’ll feel fluffy in your hand and are soft when pressed down. The balls come in three sizes: large, small, and extra small. No matter how little your hand is, there’s one for you.

3. Mini Foam Sport Balls

These ones are superb for sports lovers. If you’re a sports fan and work from home, you should consider getting something that helps you calm your nerves and is still related to your favorite sports. These foam balls are easy to clean and come in different forms of balls. We have a soccer ball, football, basketball, and baseball. It costs only $13 on Amazon.

4. Funny Face Stress Balls

These balls will remind you to calm your nerves and stay happy. First of all, yellow is a color that lightens up moods; second of all, the balls are filled with love and happiness for you to get your mind right on track. They only cost around $14.

5. Therapy hand stress balls by Ffressis

These balls don’t only help you relieve stress, but they help you strengthen the muscles around your palm and fingers. If you’re always sitting at the computer to work, you should use the balls some minutes before you get to work as a form of exercise for your hands. There are three levels to them: the softball, the medium ball, and the hardball. They cost $14 on Amazon.

6. Gel Star Stress Balls

These ones are unique in shape. They come in the form of stars, and that gives you more control because you can have your fingers in between them and press as hard as you can. They’re colorful too and very soft. You’ll notice how your mind quickly drifts away from the things that stress you and into more fun things.

Get yourself one of these, and take your productivity up a notch in no time.