The use of Zoom for conference meetings has provided a lot of opportunities to network, share your experiences and also meet great leaders in your respective fields. However, it has also made tasks tedious and the stress becomes overwhelming.

Several types of research have shown that adults who play the instrument find ways to reduce blood pressure, lower stress rate, and reduce the heart rate which can help in reducing depression and anxiety. So experts say that learning to play an instrument, like a ukelele or a vintage guitar can lead to unwinding from a conference meeting stress. The ability to pick up your favorite guitar ranging from the classical guitar to the vintage guitar can help in getting away from the work stress or the hustle in general. You can go ahead by practicing it and notice the difference, here are some other activities that you can do to get away from the stress.

Counting down to five

By using the routine of counting down has proven to be very helpful in regaining focus and help you maintain the task at the moment. The activity can be organized by group members by writing down the answers or counting the following: 

  • One thing that you can touch
  • Two things that you can smell 
  • Three things that you can hear
  • Four things that you can touch, and finally.
  • Five things that you can see

Feel the fruit

This activity is built-in for treating social anxiety, which makes it great for making yourself calm before a meeting start or during the meeting. The activity works when each member is given fruit, and imagine that the fruit is new. They are expected to express how the fruit feels, tastes or smells. By doing this you can clear your mind from the stress of the day. 

Breathing boxes

This activity allows the members to express themselves through creativity and breathing exercise. This activity can be divided into two parts. First, it is the arts and craft exercise, where members would be given a hypothetical net, which they would use to create a box with some art supplies. By using art, your mind would be directed to one single task. The second part is by lying down on the floor and placing the box on your waist, followed by counting the seconds as you breathe in and out. 

In addition to relieving stress, instruments like a guitar would help in so many ways like: 

  • Confidence boost: if find yourself losing confidence in some ways, you can try learning a new skill like playing the guitar which can give a sense of achievement. 
  • Building your mind: By playing your guitar you would be able to focus on the present and building your mind. This would allow you to forget about your worries and keep your mind away from any distractions 

Walking and talking

During any conference meeting, it involves more sitting compared to talking, which generally is not good for the body and also not good for the mind. Applying walking during meetings can help to keep to task as you are moving. You can replace some routines like a short break discussion with a walking conversation.

Mindful walkings

It is mostly done during a meeting break, which allows you to step out of the environment of work and reset your mind. This is an observation exercise that would help you to see some of the things that you didn’t see previously.

There is always the added advantage when using musical instruments to soothe your mind and maintain sanity in your work environment.