Podcasts are a great tool used by many small business owners to expand their clientele. There are several podcasts owned by and for small business owners that provide information on how to attract customers. The podcast show “StartUp” is an excellent example, as the show documented the start to finish of the creation of a company. Alex Blumberg, the host of the show gave listeners an in-depth look at the whole process of the company establishment including the mistakes and oversights made during the process. You can also do the same thing and succeed in building a customer base through your podcast. 

Podcast hosting provides the avenue for small business owners to reach out to a large audience while still maintaining one-on-one interaction with customers, something that just owning a blog or a newsletter can’t achieve. It gives you the advantage of being able to control the conversation. You could even host interviews or Q&A sessions with customers. 

Podcast hosting is a cheap option for small business owners who are looking to interact with customers. The only major cost involved would be the time and dedication required to start a podcast and build an audience. You’ll need to create time to prepare for episodes. This involves a lot of research on conversation points and editing of audio files. Promoting your podcast and finding sponsorship will also take up time. However, the benefits derived when your podcast gets enough exposure will make all that time used bearable. 

For small business owners looking to start podcast hosting, there are two things they need to keep in mind and these are first, to discover solid marketing strategies to employ in their podcasts and second, to leverage these strategies before their opponent does. It is important that you find a topic that attracts your audience. Like Alex Blumberg, the host of “StartUp”, you could grow an audience by telling your story. If your product is a physical product, you can go into details about why you chose this particular product and how it is made.

Choosing your podcast title is a vital part of podcast hosting. Your title is what really draws your audience, so it should really display all your business is about. Your title should include a keyword that will help those searching for your services find you. When you have your material organized, you might wonder which podcast platform is the best for you. There are several podcast hosting platforms and not all are free. Anchor is a free option for podcast hosting. It allows you to create, distribute, and monetize your podcast. You can even use your phone to edit your audio files. It publishes your podcast directly to the top ten podcast platforms for free. Mac users can use the Garageband app to edit audio files. 

In all, podcast hosting is an affordable and excellent option for small business owners looking to build their business and expand their customer base.