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Adaptive leadership can be defined as the ways and means of responding to a major or minor crisis. And as the COVID 19 is one of the major crisis cases the ever happen in the world with different forms of news, unpredictable signs of recovery, and a lot of unknown situations that have put the world in awe, the leaders have to make a quick and effective response to such crisis and more like crime, natural disasters and so on.

And here are some elements that hold or make adaptive leadership effective.

1. Perform stress tests on the beliefs or stories that are associated with the crisis.

Like how banks regularly do a stress test to make sure that they are set for the future and what it holds for them, together with their future assumptions they come up with. This will help them to make proper and good responses to the future crisis. For example, the stress test that was done in the COVID 19 period was done by the Boston consulting group. Bring the military way of planning into play, they use way to make a model of good response, intelligence, and anticipation that can make business planning look like child’s play. Scenarios are made to bring out the unpredictable possibilities in public health and the economic and environmental sectors that may be affected and give the possible time to make decisions that will aid in the future.

2. The multiple choices of making decisions.

One of the major problems that were faced in the period of COVID 19 is the unpredictability of situations daily. And this will not give time to the decision-makers to decide on the best options, which will lead to bad decision-making that will affect the safety of others. The decision-makers have to gather together to clear the air about what their decision is going to be by discussing their problem is, what do they think about the issue, and the proper way to solve such problems so that errors can be easily picked and managed. This is the way the greatest response in the world in terms of this COVID 19 crisis was South Korea, Germany, because of the giving of the policy process, so that it can be dynamic and open.

3. Be more transparent, and accountable.

When the COVID 19 outbreak came, the citizens were asked to make serious behavior changes and very difficult lifestyle changes. But because of the risks being a very high number of deaths, the decision to make such a lifestyle had to be examined as fast as possible, keep in mind that the news of the virus was still spreading at that period but the leaders still have to make sure that if they are going to make such an announcement they have to do some research and find other ways to help individuals that will not be able to go to work and those individuals that will have to go to work.