The use of transparency in the business would mean that as a leader you would need to keep your employee in the loop, which means that you would need to tell them about the good and bad situations that are happening in the business but not oversharing everything about your business. By doing this, you would be able to get feedback from your team. By applying transparency you won’t have to be bothered about any uncertainty without damaging your reputation in the business. As a transparent leader, you would need to practice the things you speak, and also communicate with individuals in your company.

Benefits of a transparent leader

The moment a business leader accepts that he/she wants to implement transparency while running your company, then you can realize that there are some added benefits.

Employee advocacy

The moment a business leader realizes that honesty and openness with their employee are vital, then such a leader could help the employees have value and also encourages them to always give feedback. By doing this, you would show your employees how much the organizations value their opinions, and then the leader can begin the foundation of trust which can later build a better employee advocacy.

Manage their expectations

As a leader the moment you start hiding some certain information from your employees, then you would be building a foundation of mistrust. With transparency, both the leader and the employee’s expectations are fulfilled. With the proper communication, then you won’t give room for your employees to doubt the standards of the organization.

Improve performance

Since transparency builds your employee’s advocacy, then these driven employees are most likely to achieve higher performance and also increases the productivity of their work. Thereby setting a high standard that everyone respects.

How to become a better transparent leader

If you are planning on becoming a more transparent leader, you would need to work on your managerial skills, and how those effects would affect the organization. By becoming a more transparent leader, you would need to:

  • Create a policy that encourages other business leaders to be transparent about any development and decisions.
  • Organize a meeting regularly with different heads of departments and briefing them about any new developments in the organization.
  • Encourage your employees to give feedback about the changes in the organization.
  • Take your time to meet your employees personally and get to know them, by doing this you would be able to explain to them the need for you to be transparent.

Before making the move on being transparent to your employees, you would need to also understand the importance of being a transparent leader. You would need to set an example for others to follow, you would need to also let actions speak louder than what you say. By acting on the things you say, other business leaders would also see the importance of the things you are trying to achieve and try to follow in your footsteps.