If you work at the office, you need to know that sitting the entire time isn’t so good for your health. 

Your muscles could start getting stiffer by the minute, especially if you continue to sit for long hours of the day. You would notice your energy levels dropping and over time, and your rate of productivity would keep reducing. 

These are all signs and your body is warning you. Telling you that you need to get off that desk and move around a bit. It’ll help you. 

Here you’ll see a few reasons why you need to take some breaks like stretches, deep breaths, and tea breaks at work.

The Essence of Taking Short Breaks at Work 

  1. It helps you feel more flexible, relieving the muscles from being tense.
  2. It helps you to feel refreshed and it helps to increase productivity levels. 
  3. It helps with your posture and this gets rid of back pain. 

If you work at an office and you’ve been in the same position for 8 hours daily. This creates more tension in the muscles, and then it could increase issues you could suffer in the long term.

If you don’t want to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, stress obesity, neck, and shoulder pain, then you need to take tea breaks, stretch, and breathe deeply as you work.

Types of Stretches to Try at Work 

There are very easy ways you could stretch without having to get up from your desk. 

  1. Seated Leg Raise

Of these stretches, you could sit and raise your legs and hold them in a place for about five or more seconds. 

  1. Abs Squeeze 

You can easily take a breath deeply and then make your abdominal muscles tighter. Then you can bring them in together towards the spine as you breathe out air. Make sure you stay squeezed for 5 to 10 seconds, and then free your system.

Other Ways of Taking Breaks 

You could simply move to your coworker’s desk instead of sending them a text. This would help you develop relationships with your peers and help move your muscles. Everyone wins. 

You’re encouraged to take a couple of breaks throughout your day for you to fully relax. This could mean you could take stretches from your desk or you could have a meeting where you would be walking, or you could make use of the stairs instead of using the elevator. You need to get moving if you want to get rid of muscle fatigue and reduce health issues and stress that could affect you at a later point in your life.

Now we know the importance of taking breaks which are short as we work. Things like drinking tea, deep breathing, and stretching are important.