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Copywriting is a very hard job to do. Whatever it is you are writing, there is always a huge volume of work involved and the repetition of tasks leads to a creative block. We all wished a robot or technological advancement tool could take away the burden of these tasks so that we can focus on other tasks. Interestingly, that kind of tool now exists thanks to Al copywriting tools that are engineered by machine learning. Get comfortable as you are about to be enlightened about the Al-powered writing tool, what it is, how it works, and how it can change your business game.

AI copywriting is basically a computer-generated system of writing that is created by using natural language processing tools.

How does it work? 

The first step is to pick the topic you want to write about ranging from blog posts, articles to a short ad. After that, you set instructions for the Al tool to follow. For instance, you want an article about raising pets. The machine takes this instruction and generates content based on the instruction you have given by analyzing similar or preexisting contents from the web and processing it to give you something new and free from plagiarism.

Do you still have no idea about why your business should use an Al copywriting tool? Well, there are quite a few reasons why you should try Al copywriting tools.

First, you can save time by using the Al copywriting tool. The tools can process data faster than humans, instantly generating full write-ups. Al copywriting tools do not need to take breaks as they can work 24/7. They can generate articles while you are fast asleep.

Another reason why you should try Al copywriting tools is the convenience that comes with it. It is capable of mass production of content such as product descriptions. You can therefore focus on other tasks.

Lastly, Al copywriting tools can save you from “writer’s block”  that is inevitable and dreaded by writers at a point in time. An al tool can brainstorm ideas with you and motivate you to keep going. If you are an extremely busy content creator with multiple deadlines or hopes of expanding your business, trying the Al copywriting tool might be of good help. 

Now that you have the basic knowledge of what Al copywriting tools are, if you want to check it out then you should try some, for example, the Copysmith.


The Copysmith is the right place if you need help building your Copywriting market. Copysmith produces content that is crafted by AI and perfected by humans. It is built to generate and deliver accurate and highly effective content at a fast rate for marketers, content creators, and even e-commerce platforms.

Copysmith boasts of a really wide and useful range of tools for busy marketers and copywriters. If you want to start there is a free trial option after which there are 3 options. With three packages, the starter gives you access to 20 plagiarism checks per month, Google ad integrations, and chrome extensions. There is also the professional Package which includes everything in the starter package and additional plagiarism checks and 100 generated blog posts. The last package is the Enterprise package with unlimited plagiarism checks and blog posts and other integrations like Shopify.