This is critically important and should be used in getting your target customers properly engaged. It helps in knowing the parameters of the market and knowing how you could confidently invest. Getting the right partners for your needs could be strenuous, so here are some firms to help get you started.

3 Market Research Companies in the USA To Help Your Business


This is a marketing agency that is digital and it is based in Ukraine. It started in 2018 with a team of about 60 employees. They usually work with clients from different firms. They specialize in strategizing digitally using market research, PPC, SEO, and social media marketing.

It was known for helping a marketing company that wanted to increase the number of leads that were gotten from their social media platforms. They also helped in performing market analysis, also in the creation of online adverts, and shifted using this strategy to improve results.

Their professional work helps in increasing their leads higher than twice with the time they have worked for this company. The sales have increased by about 62%, and it helped in reducing the cost per lead. They were surprised by the rate of success and satisfied with it as stated by the co-founder.

Fresh Squeezed Ideas

This is a global research consultancy that has its headquarters in Chicago and an office in Toronto. From 2006, it has a team with 25 members who specialize in marketing strategy, market research, and branding for clients in the healthcare and consumer products field.

Fresh Squeezed Ideas has helped in conducting market research for a chocolate company. The work was available to add muscle to the position they were in among the brands available. The stakeholders of the company responded positively to the ideas from this market research company.

Emerging Strategy

This is a strategy consulting firm which is based in Arlington, Virginia, and was founded in 2006. Their team had 23 employees and it specializes in business consulting, market research, and marketing strategy, which is used for basic clients in education, healthcare industries, and business services.

The emerging strategy is mostly known for how it handled marketing research for an educational company. They conducted basic market research, which included customer and stakeholder interviews, and they got a secondary analysis report on the global education industry. The client reported that they got a high level of insights from the workers in the firm in less than a month.

These market research companies are available to help your businesses grow in the USA. Which one will you choose?