Nobody likes a bad smell. Have you ever entered a place and you just want to dream and feel like you can achieve everything you set your mind to just because the place smells so good? Do you love scents, need a business that can include your passions and make you money at the same time? Then the candle business might just be the best fit for you and your creative side. 

We all like our households to smell nice and feel cozy, this can be done by simply lighting some candles. Candles are affordable and make great gifts.

Starting a candle business is not as fun, it takes a lot of work but the results are always worth it. Don’t get overly excited yet until you have gone through some of the steps it takes to be a candle business owner. Your financial, legal and marketing needs to be organized to give your business the best shot at success. Below are some of the steps to consider before venturing into a candle business.

Perfecting your craft 

The smell of a good candle helps to ease stress, add a decorative flair or set a romantic mood. So making a candle with a perfect scent is essential because nobody wants a candle that will make them puke. A candle should not be too floral, smoky, or have a weak scent. So brush up on the basics of how to make a good candle and create a few signature scents. You also want to make your candle stand out by thinking about inspirations for each candle; will it be exotic locations? Will you use distinctive glassware to house the candles?

Creating a business plan 

Another step in the right direction is to make a business plan. A good business plan includes sections that can help keep your business on the right path and win the loyalty of your customers or investors. Choosing a business name is one of the things to consider in a business plan if you haven’t chosen one already. Writing a business plan will help you to choose a legal structure for your business plan. Your business entity can be any one of a sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited liability, and corporation. You also need to define your products and services. Are you going to be selling just candles, or will you consider essential oils and diffusers? Will you be available for custom orders? Good, now you have a business plan. Let’s move on.

Get the required licenses, permits, and insurance

Getting all these can be stressful but it is as important as everything else. When you start a business, you need to ensure you have all the required licenses, permits, and insurance from your local and federal agencies. The requirements will depend on the type of business, structure, location, and so on. 

Where do you want to sell your goods?

Do you want to sell your candles online, in a boutique, or at a farmer’s market? You can always open your storefront or sell to local boutique owners for starters.

Find and manage Supplies 

When starting, it is okay to get wax and scents for your candles at a local craft supply store. But once your business grows, you will save a lot of money by buying in bulk from wholesale suppliers. You can begin now to test for quality and find the right supplier. Some of the supplies you might need include wax, wicks, containers, fragrances, coloring agents, shipping and packaging supplies. 

Marketing your candles 

After choosing a business name and the development of your brand is in progress, you can market your business. People can make promises but you can’t rely on them. Your business plan comes into play here. Maximize what your candle‚Äôs selling points are. Do they smell stronger? Or last longer than others? Identify your strengths and use them to present a compelling message to potential customers.