As we all know, bullying is a notorious plague that is present everywhere, from schools to the playground, home, and even to the workplace. Being bullied has made people take their lives, quit school, quit their jobs, and live a life that is less than what they would have ordinarily lived.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to fight bullying in the Workplace as this could be a major issue for adults of whatever age.

Working with a Bully

You could have a bully at work and not know that you are working with a bully. If you have a person at your workplace that constantly yells at you, insults you, talks over you, or steals credit for the work you do, then you are being bullied at work. Over fifty million Americans face bullying at work. Working with a bully can be hellish, you would find yourself being picked on, gossiped about, your work being sabotaged, and so on. All these can make you a ghost at work, you would run away from gatherings at work, the lunchroom, certain meetings, you begin to shrink yourself because of the intimidation from that coworker or that person in the workplace. These are symptoms that you are working with a bully. Now, what do you do in situations like this?

How to Fight Bullying in the Workplace

The first step to fighting bullying in the Workplace is to know that you are not alone, bullies are everywhere and you are not being bullied because there is something innately wrong with you, a bully does not need a sound reason to pick on you. Making yourself easy to be bullied by not being courageous is not good, you need to be willing to confront your bully because they often will not leave you if you do not confront them.

Do not act in ways that encourage the bully, such ways are laughing when you are being bullied, trying to befriend the bully.

·       Set Boundaries: Do not allow things to just continue however the bully wants, you need to decide what you will take and what you will not take. Once you have set the mental boundaries you would be on your way to responding the right way the next time the bully attempts to bully you.

·       Know the acts that constitute the bullying: Describe them, and tell the bully to stop. Tell the bully sternly how their behavior is being detrimental to your work and how they should stop it.

·       Tell them their boundaries: Tell the bully what you would not allow again, Your boundaries and limits, what you wouldn’t allow, and how they should not even attempt to cross those boundaries.

·       Don’t compromise: Once you have set the boundaries and articulated your stand, stick with it, if the bully attempts to cross the boundaries do not accommodate that, do not allow them to succeed in that act again.

·       Confrontation: If it comes down to it confront the bully when the time comes.