grey desk lamp on top of office desk

In your workplace one of the main places you stay at most hours of the day, sitting down and getting a good side of work-life to ensure that you are sitting on the right chair to prevent back pain, neck pain, sore fingers, wrists, and so on. The proper ergonomics is just what you need at a time like this, like the perfect chair height, the best equipment for spacing and the right desk position will make your work experience feels like a paradise.

Get ready to change your office into a dream come true. First, you start at the sitting place (ie the chair)more comfortable to use.

1. The chair.

The chair is a key element of the office as it supports your spinal cord. You have to find a chair that will support your spinal curves. when you get the chair, put the chair at a height that is to your satisfaction and ensure that your feet are firm on the ground flat and not touching with only the tiptoes of your feet. Ensure that your thighs are aligned to the ground, then to the armrest to make your armrest comfortable.

2. Office equipment.

Like staplers, telephones, files, etc. It should be very close to you, so that it can be easy to reach and to make you stop standing up to get something from the side of the table.

3. Mouse and keyboard.

Put your mouse, where you can easily control it and this also goes for your keyboard. Ensure that your wrists are straight, and your upper arms close to your body at all times with your arms lower than the level of your elbow. Use keyboard shortcuts often so that you can minimize the use of the mouse which can be stressful, if you don’t know keyboard shortcuts you can still learn. You can set your mouse to light touch for easier operations.

4. The telephone.

If you are the person that needs to answer calls all the time and type at the same time. Put your phone on speaker or a wireless headset, this is better than holding the phone between your head and neck. This is to prevent serious neck ache that is very painful.

5. The desk.

Ensure that under the desk, you have enough space to put your legs, feet, and knees. If the desk is too short and you can not adjust it, you can place old books or blocks that will reach your height. And if it is too high and you cant adjust it try by pushing your chair up in over to reach the height of the desk then get your footrest to make your foot comfortable. Do not put stuff under your desk.

6. The monitor.

Ensure that the monitor is in front of you but some length away. The top of the screen should be below eye level. Place your keyboard in front of the monitor.