Hello there. You are a fierce worker. Today I’ll be showing you ways you could be more intentional about your work. It doesn’t matter which type of work you’re involved in. The thing is, you are personally interested and invested in actively working and working very well with all your energy and everything. If this is you, then I created this piece for you. Stick along. Let’s ride. 

What is the definition of Intention? 

Intention can be defined as one being determined to act in a specific way. Being intentional in your workplace is wholly centred around creating positive change and building frameworks on how people show up and work up daily. 

There are several times which various organizations reference their values or different concepts on the methods, which shows how different people need to act. The issue here is that different people usually have different types of interpretations. 

Both of these perspectives are correct. So what are the behaviours you would love to see at the end of the day? 

It is essential for various organizations to loop in their behaviours and structures to their values and how they work. People end up having standard common frameworks and clarities around all the things they expect. 

List of ways you could be more intentional in your work

Here are the simple three tips one needs to use for them to be intentional as they work 

Pay more attention to your meetings 

You should create meetings with goals and purposes that align with your values and passionate things. This is opposed to going for meetings where you only go there for only projects and needs. For example, suppose you work in a company or firm in the freelance business or affiliate marketing. In that case, you need to make sure you are passionate about either freelance or affiliate marketing. This way, your engine is more intentional, and you are more productive while you’re at work. 

You could quickly build feedback. 

You could quickly receive and give feedback regularly on every level. Feedback is practices that create workplace clarities. When you work at a place that you’re passionate about, you understand the perspective people have on various things. You also make sure that your organization’s goals are always achieved. 

Have you tried recognizing the behaviours of those around you? 

Appreciating all the things that people around you do which influence your behaviour in the office is essential. It might be the way people around you make use of deceives or how they run essential projects. It doesn’t matter. You need to understand the behaviour of those around you, welcome their behaviour. This is important to prevent or reduce the rate at which you might be working in a negatively toxic environment. It would be best if you always were grateful to those that make a difference. This way, before you know it, you’ll be way more intentional at work than you used to before.