If you have a very important presentation which you need to layout for people who are in charge of your firm or your organization, but you do not know how to add participants to your Zoom meeting, then this article is for you. From this article, you will learn how to create and host a screen-sharing conference using video chatting within the Zoom app.

Instructions on Adding Participants to a Zoom Meeting

First, you need to have downloaded the Zoom app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer and start the following processes.

Step 1: Open the Zoom App

If you need to host a meeting immediately or organize a meeting for another time, go to one of these following sections :

·       Host a Meeting

·       Schedule a meeting

Step 2: Host a Meeting

Touch either the Start without video or use the Start with the video button, which depends on your needs.

Step 3

Touch the Invite button at the bottom of the meeting window.

Step 4

You can share invites in a few different ways to all the people you want them to join you at the video conference:

·       Touch one among the email service buttons. Your chosen mail service will appear with an invitation.

·       Touch the Copy URL button, next, paste the URL into an email to the people you want to invite.

·       Touch the Copy invitation button, after that, paste the message into a mail to the participants you wish to invite.

Step 5

To schedule a meeting, touch the Schedule button.

Step 6

Enter a meeting title, in the Topic field. This meeting title has to do with the reason you are inviting the participants into the video conference.

Step 7

In the When options, enter:

·       Start time ( which is the time you want the video conference meeting to begin)

·       Duration (maximum of 45 minutes for Basic accounts)

Step 8

Select from the following options:

·       Video: Participant and Host video appearing when about to join a meeting

·       Audio: Telephone, VoIP Only or Both

Step 9

Select additional Meeting Options, including Require meeting password, if desired.

Step 10

Select which type of calendar you wish to create the invitation with. If you choose other calendars, you’ll be able to copy and paste the information of the meeting into the calendar programs of any other type as you desire.

Step 11

Touch the Schedule button.

Step 12

Your meeting will be scheduled.

From this point, you should touch the copy to clipboard button then take the information and paste it into the calendaring program so you would be able to invite other participants to your Zoom Meeting.

And there it is. Very simple, easy ways in which you can join your friends, managers, colleagues, co-workers, lecturers, and any other person you want to be in a Zoom meeting with you. This could be done using any device that can download the application with good Internet connection for the video conference to be clear and so you would be able to see everyone without problems from the service provider.