You have a business but you do not know how to manage it and prevent several cases of fraud that could come and take away from your hard-earned resources. How secure is your business from various types of fraudulent cyber crime and identity theft? 

These days for you to be able to detect fraud and to prevent it, you have to be fast about it. The period you have to stop a transaction that has the potential to be fraudulent is about a second. With the use of automated fraud prevention and detection systems, they can aid you in preventing fraud with the use of analytics to notice patterns that are not consistent and usual. With analytics, money laundering, loan fraud, and fraud with the use of credit cards can easily be caught. But because as the day goes by, billions of transactions take place, thus taking an incredibly fast fraud detection software to be able to catch those who are up to fraud.

Without the best fraud prevention software, when the window for the fraud to be detected passes, businesses and financial institutions lose a lot of money and their resources.

With the use of software like AG, you can be sure that you have a high chance of preventing fraud in your business. This software has fraud detection and prevention abilities created with the fastest complex event processing. This software can prevent fraud through the 1-second window your business or financial institution has to detect and prevent fraud. And with this, your millions and your resources are saved.

How AG Fraud Prevention Software Prevents and Detects Fraud

Apart from the very fast complex event processing engine, AG also relies on the storage available in the memory of the devices in the business or the financial institution. This is present to analyze and process online transactions faster and quicker. This also allows one to be able to arrange the attitudes of the customers as they act to reduce the time taken to detect and to destroy possible losses that could come from fraudulent activities.

AG’s fraud detection and prevention package includes the following:

  • A browser interface that is easy to use.
  • A lot of different adapters, which makes connecting to the internet way faster.
  • A lot of predefined situations that are useful to new customers.
  • The compatible framework that lets users update and make new situations to help detect and prevent fraud.

Importance of AG Fraud Prevention Software

With AG fraud detection and prevention software, one can easily detect fraud quickly and prevent the loss of revenue. Notice how transactions take place no matter their number in real-time.

Check out different patterns and know the usual ones and those that are unusual to check for activities that seem fraudulent. This is done by mixing the data obtained from real-time and the analysis from the entire period in which the customer has been active in the business of the financial institution.