Stress is one of the biggest causes of mental health deterioration and even other complicated illnesses. Although it may not be directly related to the cause, it could trigger an effect. Whether you’re facing stress at home or at the office, stress is still what is.

In this article, we’re going to be answering the question of whether stress looks and feels different at home versus at the office. We will try to consider what stress at home looks like and what stress at the office looks like, then we’ll see if there’s any visible difference and also how to get rid of stress.

What is work-related stress?

Work-related stress is any activity that you indulge in which actually drains your energy while you’re doing a job. Whether you’re working from home or from an office, we’re all capable of getting stressed out at some points in our work life.

Work-related stress looks like something that so many of us cannot do without, especially when we consider the fact that we can only pay the bills by doing what we do. So does it feel different when you’re at home versus when you’re at the office?

Work-related stress at home vs office

As stated earlier, work-related stress is the same whether we’re facing it at home or at the office; however, the next question would be if it actually looks the same. Well, we’ll have to consider a few factors when comparing these.

First of all, at home, you’re afforded a lot of elbow room, well, unless you’re living with an entire family of 4 in a single room. You’re not constantly checking out to see if your boss is going to send you a query letter for looking out through the window. You can decide to take a short nap to cool your brain down for a while before you resume work again.

Secondly, the pressure at the office is much higher when compared to the one you’ll face at home. If you’re a personal assistant, you know you’ll have to run around with your boss every now and then. While this may actually be fun and what makes you enjoy the job, the stressed-out look on you at the end of every day would be greatly reduced.

It goes without saying that there’s obviously a strong difference between the feeling and look of stress at the office and at home. At home, it’s just you and your work, and not much pressure. However, distractions are bound to come in, delaying your progress in your work and this could as well add to your stress, especially if you live with a partner, kids, or pets.

How do you manage stress?

I tell people that stress management is a thing of preference. Some people have ways that they believe are perfect for management but when tried by others, they’re a total fail.

One thing holds true, however, that the best way to manage stress is to eat healthily and always have a to-do list of what you want your day to look like. Keep your work to a specific area of the house that you can close off when done with your work day, and limit distractions. Heads-down focus is what you need to be productive. Take regular short breaks to get up and move around, and stick to a schedule. Consistency is key! That way you’ll finish every task in your day one after the other with ease.

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