Food is essential for the sustenance of life. We can lack the strength that we need to keep working when we eat the wrong diet. So if you are looking for a quick energy at work meatless protein source, this article is meant for you.

A popular spoke man, for the Academy of nutrition and dietetics, Toby Smithson, says “ protein is the Jack of all trades in the body”. We agree with this statement because protein helps to repair muscle, thereby, supplying energy. Therefore, a day should not pass without the consumption of protein.

In today’s era, consuming vegan or vegetarian is becoming more common each day. A lot of people have added this as their dietary choices. This has made lots of questions keep coming. Questions on how they can get enough nutrients, to the extent that they have to make protein as their plant-based diet. You will be glad to know that, you can meet up with your daily protein requirements as a vegan. The simple trick is “balancing”.

The following are excellent meatless protein sources, and it is 100% guaranteed vegetarian friendly.

  •  The best meatless protein sources.
  1. Chia seeds-:

These are tiny-looking seeds, although tiny, but they’re mighty. Chia seeds are a rich source of protein. Over 9.4 grams in 2tablespoons is the amount of protein you can find in chia seeds. It is a whole-grain all-stars. When you talk about brain-boosting Omega-3 and fiber content, it is considered a gold mine. It also contains iron, calcium, zinc, and magnesium.

Chia seeds can be added to anything. For example, you can try it in Mango, coconut, or even use it as Chia pudding.

  1. Lentils-:

Lentils have been an ancient source of protein, but that does not make it undesirable. It is one of the vegetarian favorites. It is also rich in vitamin B, fiber, folate, all you need is a cup and you have gotten what you want. A cup of beans contains 18 grams of protein amount.

History has proven that lentils help to lower blood pressure and improve the heart, to avoid heart disease. Try not to add salt or any acidic items, until after your lentils are done cooking. Doing this, helps the lentils to remain crunchy and not too mushy. It is perfect in Broccoli stew and Italian lentils.

  1. Greek yogurt-:

Greek yogurt is very Nourishing, creamy, and low in calories. It is high in protein, containing 29 grams per cup of protein amount. Sour cream or mayo can not be compared to Greek yogurt, because Greek yogurt is so perfect, most especially when it is consumed with grilled tropical fruit, it is an amazing feeling.


Before the purchase of Greek yogurt, you need to carefully check the label to make sure it does not contain sugar. Several varieties contain 20gram of sugar, so check very well before purchasing.

  1. Tempeh-:

The texture of Tempeh is what draws vegetarians to it. It has very firm ingredients, which makes it replace meat in sandwiches, stir-fries, and burgers. It is a very rich source of protein, containing over 31 grams per cup of protein. It is best taken as Tempeh Burgers. It also helps to reduce muscle damage during exercise.

CONCLUSIONYou can meet up with all your meatless protein sources requirements. All you need to do is to know how to balance everything, and it will give you the energy you need at work. You can also get more protein sources when you visit  NOW FOODS.